Peace of mind and care for your website

Our Support and Maintenance packages provide comprehensive care for your WordPress sites.

We give you peace of mind that your WordPress sites are safe, secure and backed by a team of experts at your disposal.

Guaranteed Support

Our Support and Maintenance clients are prioritised to ensure we maintain a high level of service with their WordPress sites.

Unlimited Advice

Live chat, email and telephone support available during business hours when you need it. Subject to fair usage policy.

WordPress Updates

Peace of mind your site is being updated, monitored and cared for by our team of WordPress experts.

Incremental Development

With an appointed number of development tasks available to you, you can incrementally improve your website every month.

We may ask to perform a site audit on your site before taking it under Support and Maintenance – this only occurs if we didn’t built your site and ensures there are no surprises.

Each month we’ll perform security checks on your website and update WordPress and any plugins that require updating. We’ll test and check any updates to ensure they cause no problems – if they do, we’ll fix those problems.

You’ll have access to our live chat facility right from our website, giving you contextual help when you’re working. We’re also available via email and phone during business hours.

Included in your plan is a number of 30 minute tasks. If you make a request to change, add or delete something from your website that requires us to write some code or configure something in WordPress then that counts as a task. It allows you to make small incremental improvements to your site.

We’ll send you a monthly report, at the end of each period with our activity on your site as well as a snapshot of your latest Google Analytics if you’ve provided us with access to that – otherwise it’ll include basic WordPress analytics about your traffic.