Web Hosting, Email and Domains

Greenfield Design Associates has partnered with My Live Hosting to provide all our clients the latest in web hosting technology. With a platform optimised for WordPress they make sure all our websites run super fast. Hosting is charged at £50 per year, in advance.

When taking a My Live Hosting product, email mailboxes are unlimited in quantity and each come with a massive 10GB storage size. You can now setup email within all devices and have them all synchronised – delete a mail on the desktop and its gone on your mobile, saving you time and hassle.

All domain names My Live Hosting offer are £15 per year.

If you aren’t quite ready for full web hosting we can also offer you the My Live Hosting Mailbox starter package at £10 per year which gives you mailboxes in addition to your domain.


Our high quality hardware is specifically designed and engineered to work fast!


We offer web hosting for £50 per year and domains for £15 per year.


We employ a team of fully trained, friendly and professional staff, here to help you.