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The enduring appeal of printed marketing collateral has baffled many of us. Why has print refused to die when online marketing has global reach and easy access? The answer lies in the perceived value and retention of printed matter. There is something reassuringly solid about print. The heft, textures, colours and portability of printed items lends them an enduring appeal. You can pick up a leaflet for instance, to read at your leisure. Printed matter is read more closely, and the message retained for longer. We always advise clients to invest in print to raise awareness and convert browsers to buyers.

If online campaigns have one striking weakness, it is the sheer volume of messages, advertisements, emails and alerts. These constant distractions can undermine your marketing campaign. Print can be read anywhere, any time. This gives printed brochures or leaflets greater longevity. You don’t need a computer, iPad or mobile to read that message with no password required, and no distractions.

When you invest in quality printed brochures, leaflets, business cards or catalogues, you show consumers you really mean business.

You’re not going to disappear overnight. You have a tangible presence in the real world.

The credibility created by print, can also be used to steer consumers to your online offering.

We recommend a strategic blend of online and printed campaigns, designed to complement each other. Mixed campaigns offer the best of both worlds. Use print to create credibility and message retention and digital messages to reach consumers searching online. The mixed campaign will yield more response than either medium can deliver alone.

We have excellent working relationships with established printers, who can create stunning effects, textures and finishes. If you have a promotional campaign in mind, we’d be happy to show you how print earns it place in the mix.

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