Make Your Mark

Much has been said and written about brand identity. Put simply it is a combination of image, style and language designed to connect with your market and convey your core values.

While a recognisable logo is an important component of brand identity, it cannot do the whole job. Your identity should also be reflected in your colour pallet, and fonts.

Your brand sets you apart from the competition, by making a positive emotional connection with consumers. So, language and tone of voice are also of vital importance.

We work closely with clients to establish their brand values – the concept that defines their organisation. Through the skilful application of colour, imagery, language and tone of voice, we develop a unique identity for each client.

Consistency is key in the application of brand identity. The consistent application of your brand values is essential to successful marketing, online or on the high street.

Your brand may need to work across a variety of applications. We will help you to hone your brand identity, to ensure your message is consistent in print and online.

Brands we have worked with…