Richard Lester
Feb 2017

Richard Lester

We are so proud to have worked with renowned harpsichordist Richard Lester, when we recently updated his website. Few outside of the realm of classical, devotional music have heard of this gifted and humble man. Yet he has a devoted following among lovers of the works of Scarlatti, Antonio Soler, Haydn and Mozart. Richard Lester is completely enthralled by the works of these great masters, and his passion is conveyed in his virtuosity. This passion makes his work accessible to all, even the uninitiated like myself.

An outstanding musician

To be honest, I had only ever heard harpsichord music played as a background to period dramas on T.V. So I was eager to experience Richard’s work – to gain an insight into his world and discover why he is so highly regarded across the globe. Imagine if you will the scene in our little studio as we listened, surrounded by our technical paraphernalia, to the music of another era, evoking at times the dignity of formal, courtly splendour – at other times the pastoral, playful themes of peasant folk music. The music seems to pour from him, transporting his audience. Richard’s quiet and unassuming persona, belies his stature as an outstanding musician. It was an enormous pleasure to work on this unique project.

We created a responsive website, so it can be viewed on any device from PC to mobile. The colours and typography are congruent with the subject matter and reflect Richard Lester’s own taste for the classical and understated. His website carries a complete discography, biography, videos and press reviews.

To find out more about this engaging, scholarly musician go to: