City Home Cinemas - Case Study

The Home Cinema industry is a fast growing new sector aimed at movie buffs and audiophiles. It is technology led, as exquisite sound and vision are at the heart of the audience experience.

Our client has both an ardent desire to see and hear movies as the director intended, plus a passion for the aesthetic appeal of the glamorous picture palace. His beautiful Arte Deco Modern showcase has it all.

Our challenge was to capture both the technical and the aesthetic brilliance of his showroom. Since film is first and foremost a visual experience, we started with professional photography from an experienced photographer, who just happens to be a Home Cinema enthusiast.  The stunning images were perfect for both web and print applications.

Our copywriter interviewed the founder and CEO Peter Walker, whose fascinating backstory almost wrote itself. The immersive cinema has to be experienced to be appreciated and our task was to get prospective clients to the showroom to see and hear for themselves what beautiful design and leading edge technology could achieve and how they could incorporate this in their home.

The graphics we created were based on the period feel of the City Home Cinemas showroom. Elements of the design and selection of fonts had to be faithful to the Arte Deco Moderne style, while being clean and clear enough for both print and screen.

For such a prestigious product we specified GF Smith stock in our client’s house colours and a very experienced, highly skilled printer to create two versions of the brochure. The exclusive casebound brochure was hand finished wrapped in tissue and presented a custom made box. The finished item is also wrapped in customised paper bearing the client’s logo.

Special finishes include, foiling to the outer cover, trace paper inserts and a gatefold.

There is another version for promotional purposes, which has a soft touch laminate outer cover.

The print work included business cards and invitations bearing the client’s logo in metallic foil.

To make the website stand out; we commissioned a videographer to create a unique intro to the site, complete with music. Copy and images from the brochure are used throughout and there is a News page to keep the site fresh and interesting.

GDA Services to this client…

Web design
Responsive Website
Brochures, design & production

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