Is your marketing Brexit ready?
Mar 2017

Is your marketing Brexit ready?

The only thing we can say for sure about doing business in post Brexit Britain is that nothing is certain. We have faced similar dilemmas in the recent past, which no one could have predicted. The global financial crisis of 2008 gave us a taste of massive change. Change beyond our control, change we could not have foreseen. Those who survived did not simply run for cover, they held their nerve and adapted to new conditions, emerging leaner and keener to meet the challenges ahead.

Whatever the nature of your business you would be well advised to review all your sales, marketing and promotional material now. Your existing and potential customers will need to be kept informed of how you are going to handle the transition. They will also need reassurance, to build the trust and confidence to make buying decisions. If a customer doesn’t have the information to say “Yes” they can only say “No”.

This is the perfect time to ensure that your message works across all platforms. While massive outlay would be foolhardy, it makes sense to do more with less. So does your printed material work with your online presence? Make sure you get value for money, with copy and images that work across multiple platforms.

Is your website responsive, so that it works as well on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on your desktop or laptop device? Is your messaging clear and persuasive in both print and online versions? As ever, consistency is key to success in promoting your business.

Keep an eye on buying habits, as changes affecting your clients must be reflected in your approach to selling. A simple change of emphasis can show your customers you are aware of their needs and concerns. Cast a cold eye over your brochures, leaflets, point-of-sale and exhibition material. Discard anything that doesn’t enhance your brand and inspire your customers.

You might also check out how your competitors are responding to the transition. If they have panicked and cut back on promotions, they have left the field open to you. So take advantage of their indecision and keep your message in front of your target market, across all platforms.

Whether you voted to leave or remain, the future success of your organisation depends on your response to the new reality. As an island nation, we have often scanned the horizon for risks and opportunities and often launched our most successful ventures with little idea of what lay beyond the horizon. So get your marketing right and be prepared for new vistas.