Focus on Mobile First
Feb 2017

Focus on Mobile First

Google is set to change the rules

Google’s Mobile Indexing is set to change our perceptions of website design, advertising and marketing. Given that Google rules the roost when it comes to search engines and search traffic, it would be extreme folly to ignore this change. The move to ‘mobile first’ is driven by changes in consumer behaviour; changes that advertising, marketing and design companies have been rather slow to take on board.

Mobiles take precedence

Consumers spend more time browsing on mobiles than on desktops, yet most websites are designed to perform at their best on desktop computers; with mobiles as an afterthought. Indeed most advertising campaigns are devised with little or no insight into mobile browsing habits. Around a third of online purchases are now made on phones.

What is Google Indexing?

Google checks out the content and popularity of websites to find the best matches to a given search. So it makes perfect sense for Google to change the way they respond to searches, to rank mobile sites first and foremost. In future those search results will focus on mobile rather than desktop sites. So far so obvious – but will the design industry adapt to this consumer led change of focus?

Responsive design gets response

The ideal solution is a site that performs well on every device. Smart designers are creating responsive sites to ensure that the consumer has a positive experience when viewing your site on any device. Responsive Design ensures that websites look good and perform well on both mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It is one of the most significant advances in website design in decades. At GDA we actively encourage all our clients to adapt to these changes by creating responsive websites – at no extra charge. If you are happy with your existing site, but it fails Google’s mobile indexing, and misses out on valuable mobile browsers don’t despair. We can make all the adjustments you need to capture those searches, for a very reasonable fee.

Creatives catch up

Content creators must also adjust their focus to ensure that people browsing on mobiles have a positive and engaging experience. While you can tell a longer story on a desktop, you must bear in mind that consumers browsing on the move, will need to see your most important features and benefits, at a glance.

So the disciplines associated with good advertising copy come into play. Concise copy that gets your message across is the key to success. Our content creators work closely with web designers to create websites that work for you and will captivate your target market.